Care on Call is unique. Our professionals exhibit exceptionally high-quality care. We are a new company that requires https://experience.tripster.ru/experience/Moscow/435-kreml/ each employee to take an extensive exam that evaluates and requires a high-level of competency and expertise. Unlike other nanny agencies, we do not charge fees to you, the client. Nor do we take a high percentage from the wages of our elder care employees. This gives Care on Call the advantage of hiring highly-qualified professionals. Our extensive screening process requires more than one interview for all candidates, including a mandatory interview with the owner. Care on Call employees must have references and letters of recommendation, as well as experience and formal training in their specialized area.

Care on Call employees will:

  • provide the client with a background check and proof of CPR, vaccination, certifications, and other important documents

  • maintain an outlined schedule of the daily routine and specific needs, with the assistance of the client

  • bring a tote bag that contains appropriate activities for the day

Elder Care Professionals are currently in nursing school, are certified as nurse’s aides, physical therapists, specialize in home health care, or have other qualifications.

Child Care Professionals have worked in daycare centers and schools or are currently working toward a teaching certificate or another child development area of study. All nannies are required to complete the International Nanny Association Exam.

Postpartum Doulas specialize in sleep training, lactation consulting, infant massage, and other specialties. They are trained by CAPPA or DONA, two of the most respected childbirth and postpartum organizations. Care on Call Doulas are insured and are members of DASC, Doula Association of Southern California.

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