Choosing the right person to care for your child is an important decision and we take that seriously at Care on Call Los Angeles. We understand what really matters to parents – and to their children. The key is striking a balance between the two. We want you and your child to be happy, so finding the right fit means knowing your specific needs. Be assured that we will coordinate with you, follow your schedule, and perform the duties as you outline them. We will create a positive environment and follow the interests of your child.

Punctuality is imperative at Care on Call. We are prompt, organized and structured, while promoting creativity and having fun in the process. Your schedule will be respected at all times, as well as your privacy. Providing a safe environment is the number one priority for Care on Call.

Childcare Professionals:

  • have 5 years experience and formal training

  • provide an itinerary to complete

  • bring a background check and proof of CPR and first aid training