Alzheimer’s Care Consultants offer non-medical consultation for families and patients facing the challenges of Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. Caring for a loved one who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease or dementia can be an overwhelming task. You may have numerous questions куда сходить в Москве and feel confused about what to expect as the disorder progresses. Each individual with memory loss has unique needs.

An Alzheimer’s Consultant will come to your home and consult with you and your loved one. We individualize care, helping you to provide the most effective care at the time and in the years to come. To view some of the services we provide, click on the Rates and Forms page.

Alzheimer’s Professionals:

  • develop a schedule and daily reminders

  • determine appropriate multisensory activities

  • teach “the language of Alzheimer’s” for optimal communication